Welcome to the official site for Evolutionary Games located in Orlando, FL. Our first release is Galactic Arms Race (GAR) available soon on Steam and Desura. GAR is an old-school space shooter with some RPG aspects and a unique evolving weapons system. Specifically, weapons in the game evolve to player preferences by an evolutionary algorithm called cgNEAT. For a good idea of what the game is like think "Space Diablo" with up to 32-player dedicated servers. You can check out the game's dev blog over here.

Into The Depths?

Our next game is planned a full party turn-based RPG in the style of Ultima 1-6 and the D&D "Gold Box" games. It is tentatively titled "Into The Depths". Currently the plan is to release a level editor along with the game. Using SFML for development, so possible platforms include Windows, Mac, and Android.